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Peter Houtzagers


Jorrit Biesheuvel


AED360’s roots go back to 2008, when Jorrit Biesheuvel founded ProCardio (now AED360) in The Netherlands. An important choice was to go for Philips single brand.

After thorough market and product research, it was obvious to Jorrit that Philips had (and still has) the best AED product offering in the market. A Philips AED is the easiest-to-use of all and the most reliable of all. 2 critical features if it comes to saving lives: a Philips AED simply will save more lives than any other AED.

Another choice was to focus on BLS, Pre-Hospital markets only, to focus on volume distribution sales. These choices resulted in a clear focus and this has worked out well. Within 10 years, in The Netherlands the market share for Philips AEDs soared from 8% to 40%. AED360 now is the leading Master Distributor for Philips in The Netherlands. The Crowdfunding project has placed thousands of Philips AEDs in Dutch neighborhoods: The Netherlands is more heart safe now than ever before.  

In 2018, Peter Houtzagers joins and AED360 is founded, in a joint venture between Jorrit and Peter. AED360’s objective is to reduce the number of deaths from SCA (Sudden Cardiac Arrest) in Europe significantly: every year, 700.000 people in Europe die from SCA. This is to be achieved by placing Philips AEDs throughout Europe, in large volumes, using a wide and divers AED distribution partner network. This is what AED360 is building: high-quality AED dealers and distributors in Europe are added to the network on an on-going basis. The business model is, simply put, to copy the Dutch success formula into Europe. This is model executed in close cooperation with Philips Europe – and with their consent.

The first country AED360 was granted a Direct Master Distributorship for Philips AEDs was the UK. Followed by The Nordics (Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland) in 2020. DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) is expected in the first half of 2021..