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The free replacement pads (M5071A) for Philips HS1 are now available.

This information accompanies the urgent Field Safety Notice FSN 2021-CC-EC-012 for Philips HeartStart HS1 AEDs.

At the same time, Philips has extended the above Field Safety Notice to all AEDs older than 10 years (FSN 2022-CC-EC-011).

Please look carefully at the information below, here is everything you need to know.

1. On which AEDs is the FSN applicable?

  • AEDs less than 10 years old on the 1 March 2022:
    • these are covered by the original FSN with the code FSN 2021-CC-EC-012
    • the serial number is A12C-00001 or higher
    • click here: the original FSN notice
  • AEDs more than 10 years on the 1 March 2022:
    • these are covered by the FSN extension with the code FSN 2022-CC-EC-011.
    • the serial number is A12B-99999 or lower
    • applies only if the pads in use were not expired on 1 March 2022
    • click here: the FSN extension notice

Do you also have AEDs that were not purchased via AED360-ProCardio?

This can also be handled by us. For example, AEDs purchased through Laerdal or other former Philips distributors. Or, AEDs that were not sold by you, but for which you provide maintenance or supplies.

2. What do we expect from you?  


1.- Registering: fill out the digital acknowledgement form.

2.- Ordering: fill in the AED serial numbers on the tracking sheet

3.- Delivery: after receiving the tracking sheet, we will send you the free pads.

4.- Confirmation: confirm the delivery to your customers via the tracking sheet to us. Continue reading: Procedure free of charge replacement pads.

Please note that your registry (step 1) is required before the order process for free pads can start.

3. What do you customers expect from you?


AEDs less than 10 years old, original FSN:

  1. Divide your customers into the following two groups:
    1. The customers who have already completed your FSN reply form and whose serial numbers you have already received: for these, you can start the procedure for free pads immediately.
    2. Your customers who have not yet completed your FSN form: approach these customers 1 more time so that they too have a chance to receive the replacement pads.
  1. Include the Philips letter with every delivery to your customer.

Note: Philips has updated the letter, the version down below is the only correct one.

Click here to go to letters in several languages.


AEDs more than 10 years, FSN expansion:

You may also have supplied Philips HS1 AEDs older than 10 years at the start of the FSN. For example purchased from Lærdal. As a service to you, AED360-ProCardio can provide the delivery of the free pads for these devices. If you want to make use of this service, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Approach all these customers according to instructions of Philips. Advice: approach 3x via at least 2 different communication methods. For AEDs older than 10 years, your customer must provide the lot number of the pads in addition to the serial number. Please use the form below for this purpose.
    Click here: download the reply form.
  2. Include the Philips letter with every delivery to your customer. Note: Philips has updated the letter, the version down below is the only correct one.
    Click here to go to letters in several languages.

Note: are your customers also resellers? If so, don’t forget to instruct them accordingly.

4. Procedure free replacement pads


  1. Ordering: Free-of-charge FSN C&R pads can be ordered via the tracking sheet. Please fill in the AED serial numbers on the tracking sheet. One set of free replacement pads will be supplied per serial number.
    Click here: download the tracking sheet.

Please follow these steps:

    1. Fill in the yellow cells completely and correctly.
    2. Send the tracking sheet to:
    3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 if necessary.
  1. Delivery: the tracking sheet will be processed by AED360-ProCardio. We aim to process, check and ship the pads within 1 week.
  2. Sign off: after the pads have been delivered, you confirm to us that the pads have been delivered to your customers. This can be done in the same tracking sheet by filling in the green cells. 
  • Only correct and fully completed tracking sheets will be processed by AED360-ProCardio.
  • Each application for pads is also reviewed by Philips. Philips checks that each AED serial number occurs only once. This check takes place afterwards, when the replacement pads have already been delivered to you. When approving the application, delivery via the original supplier of the AED will be used as a starting point. If you are not the original supplier of the AED, but your customer wants to receive the replacement pads through you, please ensure that your customer has not requested the pads elsewhere too. In the event of a rejection by Philips, AED360-ProCardio reserves the right to charge pads that have already been delivered at the standard unit price applicable to you.

Controlling the distribution chain.
Both Philips, AED360-ProCardio and the competent authorities can carry out (random) checks on the implementation of the FSN. These include the communication of the FSN to your clients, the processing and storage of your clients’ FSN response forms and the delivery and installing of the replacement pads in the AED.

5. Financial Compensation


  1. To achieve a smooth and complete implementation of the FSN’s and to accommodate you for the costs you have incurred, AED360-ProCardio offers the following financial compensation:Voucher value:
    • € 15,- / £ 13,- per AED if signed off before 30 November 2023
      • Listed amounts do not include VAT

    The financial compensation will be available as a discount voucher on new orders.

    Which AEDs qualify for vouchers:

    • AED purchased from AED360-ProCardio.
    • AED purchased from parties that are no longer official Philips distributors (e.g. Laerdal).
    • AEDs maintained by you or to which you have supplied pads in the past 3.5 years, but whose original supplier is unknown/out of the picture.
    • other AEDs that are known to you and whose FSN you want to process through AED360-ProCardio.


    Terms and conditions for issuing vouchers:

    • A maximum of 1 voucher will be issued per unique Philips HeartStart HS1 AED. Identification is based on the serial number (example: A14C-12345)
    • A voucher will only be issued if all steps as described in chapter “What do we expect from you?” have been correct and fully completed.
    • Vouchers are only awarded to resellers of AED360-ProCardio. (If you are not yet a reseller or do not have the latest reseller price list, please contact us)
    • After correct sign-off with AED360-ProCardio, vouchers will be awarded periodically (at least once a month).
    • After a voucher is awarded, the value is added to your voucher balance.


    Terms and conditions for spending vouchers:

    • Awarded vouchers are converted into a lump sum spendable discount amount.
    • Reseller can spend the value of its voucher balance on discounts on new purchases from AED360-ProCardio.
    • The price list applicable to the reseller applies.
    • Tiers when purchasing larger quantities apply.
    • The voucher balance can be used on promotional offers.
    • Deducted discount is lump sum from the invoice.
    • Conditions to the new order to which the voucher balance is applied:
      • Minimum order size: € 100,- / £ 100,-
      • Maximum invoice discount: 15%
    • Reseller can see the total number of vouchers received via the tracking sheet that confirms completion.
    • The voucher balance can be requested via our sales department.
    • The voucher balance is valid until 31 March 2024. Remaining balance will expire after this.
    • The voucher balance cannot be linked to backorders, is not transferable and cannot be paid out in cash.
    • If it appears that reseller has received vouchers in error (e.g. because pads have not actually been delivered and/or serial numbers have been submitted unlawfully), these vouchers will be cancelled. If the vouchers have already been used as a discount on new purchases, the excess discount will be charged.
    • All amounts are exclusive of VAT


    Calculation example 1:
    Battery (m5070A)
    Dealerprice per unit: 110,-
    15% discount: 16,50
    Battery price on invoice: 93,50


    Calculation example 2:
    HS1 with narrow bag (M5066a-C02)
    Dealerprice per unit: 850,- (purchase of 4 units)
    Gross invoice: 3.400,-
    15% discount: 510,-
    Invoice: 2.890,-
    Net price per AED: 722,50

6. Timelines

  • The start and calibration date for all information from the FSN (both the original and the extension) will be: 1 March 2022. This means that AEDs older than 10 years that contained pads that were non-expired on 1 March 2022 will be covered by the FSN extension.
  • End date FSN C&R procedure: 30 June 2024. It is very likely that the maximum expiry date for pads that were new on 1 March 2022 will not have an expiry date after the end of June 2024. Therefore, the last date on which AEDs can be registered is 30 June 2024.
  • Shelf life free replacement pads: Philips is fulfilling its duty of care by offering free replacement pads for all HS1 AEDs ever delivered. With this, Philips is making it possible for every Philips HeartStart HS1 AED to be used with 100% reliability. In line with the maximum expiry date that could apply at the time the FSN was communicated, Philips guarantees that the pads that will be delivered under these FSNs will have a shelf life at least longer than 1 July 2024. In general, it can be expected that the new pads will have an expiry date which is at least after 1 Jan 2025, and will be between 18 and 26 months.

7. Downloads and urls

Go to our separate download page for all documentation.

8. Frequently asked questions

Information will be added soon to the page below.

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